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Crowdfund your next project with influencer marketing! The first 10 approved campaigns receive free consultations and guidance.

Pursue your vision with HyperFundIt

HyperFundIt is a crowdfunding platform built for visionaries (project creators) to share and fund their ideas. Our platform also connects visionaries with social influencers to promote their projects beyond the visionary’s core network.

Crowdfunding for a project and reaching your target audience does not have to be challenging. We are building a community of visionaries and influencers who can work together to spread innovative ideas.

Pursue your vision with HyperFundIt

HyperFundIt is a crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs and artists that incorporates influencer marketing within the campaigning process. We understand that crowdfunding for a vision is complex and reaching your target audience can be challenging.

HyperFundIt creates a space for social media Influencers from YouTube and Instagram to work with aspiring entrepreneurs or artists by promoting their crowdfunding campaigns.

Step 1. Host A Campaign

Entrepreneurs & Artists can build campaigns to raise funds and awareness for their passion project


Step 2. Connect With Influencers

Influencers can help their favorite campaigns go viral and earn a portion of the funds for helping out

Step 3. Raise Funds & Awareness

Support the next big thing! Help entrepreneurs and artists around the country realize their dreams

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