Influencer Marketing x Crowdfunding

A winning combination to grow your business

6x - 11x

higher ROI compared to traditional forms of digital marketing


reduction in marketing costs thanks to crowdfunding


of influencers prefer collaborating through marketing platforms

Step 1. Start a Campaign

Brands can raise funds and awareness by building a campaign to illustrate the business’ goals


Step 2. Connect With Influencers

Influencers can help their favorite campaigns go viral and earn a percentage of the funds raised

Step 3. Raise Funds & Awareness

Donors can get some awesome rewards from the businesses and influencers that they love and support



Increase sales by developing strong brand awareness with influencer marketing


Choose to work with influencers from a variety of target niches and popularity


Build lasting relationships with social influencers that best represent your brand's values


Raise funds for your influencer marketing campaign

No Risk

Start your campaign for free, percentage fees are only collected at the end


Choose from 3 payment models or customize your own to meet your goal


Keep the funds you raised whether or not you met your goal

Payment Models

Starting a campaign is free, percentage-based fees are only collected at the end of a campaign

For brands who are focused on raising funds
For brands who want to evenly raise funds and brand awareness
For brands who are only looking to raise brand awareness
Brand determines the percentage to give their influencer(s)

* Brands can have anywhere from 1-3 influencers working on a campaign
The percentage set aside for influencers will be split amongst all influencers working on that Brand's campaign

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